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Why PUBG on Android is better than Fortnite on iPhone

Android users rejoice, for the gaming experience in PUBG mobile is better than that of Fortnite mobile. This should quite obviously be understood as an entirely subjective sort of declaration, but my reasons are basic and, I believe, pretty universal. When I play Fortnite mobile, I die right away, and when I play PUBG mobile, I don’t die nearly quite so quick.

I Die

The intricacies of the game in Fortnite for iOS are encouraging. This is easily one of the most involved and awesome online games created for the mobile platform. Those gamers given the opportunity to play Fortnite mobile via invite are lucky, because this game is incredible. But there’s a big problem with this game, for me: I die.

I die right away, and I die pitifully. I get crushed pitifully early, and I rarely find the time to loot enough to put up a decent defense. This game is mobile, sure, but for me it’s too quick. Games on smartphones and ta

Microsoft Edge launches support for iPad and Android tablets

The debate over which browser is the best has been going for nearly as long as the internet has been around. Though Microsoft’s Internet Explorer was once the butt of many jokes, the company has […] Read More

YouTube’s dynamic player comes to Android at long last

Back at the tail end of 2017, YouTube launched a new dynamic player for its iOS app. Though it’s always a little weird to see new features for Google services come to iOS devices first, it happens more than you’d initially expect. Now, around three months later, the Android YouTube app is being brought up to speed, with a dynamic player of its own launching today.

YouTube announced the new feature by way of Twitter, letting Android users know that they can now expect the YouTube player automatically adjust to the aspect ratio of the video that’s playing. It isn’t perfect, of course, but when you’re watching vertical or square videos, you should notice that they lack the black bars that have plagued so many videos up to this point.


This new dynamic player has more uses beyond just getting rid of black bars on vertica

Spotify and Discord join forces for group listening while gaming

Today we’re hearing of a rather surprising team up between Discord and Spotify. This new partnership will allow you to link your Discord and Spotify accounts, opening up a bunch of new music listening options when you’re chatting with friends in Discord. Perhaps the coolest of these new features is the ability to listen to Spotify tracks as a group.

On the surface, Spotify functionality within Discord will work in a way that gamers are already used to. Just like it does when you’re playing a game, Discord will show others when you’re listening to Spotify in the user list of each server. From there, you can click on a user’s name to see exactly what they’re listening to.

In the pop-up panel that appears when you click a username, you’ll see information like song title, artist and album name, and even a progress bar that shows you how far along the user is in the song. You’ll also see buttons you can click to listen to that song in Spotify yourself or, if you’re a