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Microsoft Edge launches support for iPad and Android tablets

The debate over which browser is the best has been going for nearly as long as the internet has been around. Though Microsoft’s Internet Explorer was once the butt of many jokes, the company has […] Read More

Isn’t Apple’s big secret obvious?

In the past few weeks we’ve seen some real crazy rumors about what Apple will present today at their big education event. They’ve included cheaper iPads, a new MacBook Air, and even a new iMac Pro. One wildly maniacal rumor suggested Apple was making a new iPad to fight the last vestiges of resistance in the Android tablet market. But what’s most obvious – and most likely – isn’t what Apple’s hiding. It’s what Apple’s already made plainly obvious.

Apple’s holding an event in Chicago that’s not live-streamed and IS low key. Or as low key as a real Apple event is able to get. Apple’s session today will be largely visceral, centering in on the feeling educators get when they find a tool they can use, and afford, and have the opportunity to attain.

Holding the event at a school makes Apple one of the people – a group of motivators for the buyers, but straight to the students. Apple’s doing what Google did with the Chromebook Tablet, but out in the open. Th

iPad 2018 vs iPad 2017: New product, old hardware

Today we’re having a peek at the new iPad compared to the old iPad, specs on specs. These two devices are exceedingly similar to one-another, looking a whole lot like each-other on the outside save one minor detail. It’s what’s inside the counts, in a big way. It begins with the Apple Pencil, a device which works on the new iPad, but does not work with the old.
The new iPad does not have a number of features one might expect from a “new iPad.” If it were an iPad Pro, we’d expect 2nd-gen Touch ID, a Smart Connector, True Tone technology, a wide color P3 display, and ProMotion. Instead we’ve got a lot of parts that, on their own,

The body for this iPad was first introduced 5 years ago, and hasn’t changed in any significant way since. The Apple chip inside was first revealed 2 years ago, and the cameras are